Electric actuators technology
  About Electric Actuators of VALCON
'VALCON' electric actuator is driven by motor, so it is possible to open and close ball valve accurately by applying high torque, and it can be applied to various fields by applying electric actuator.
  Application example
Watering on time, humidity control, temperature control for plants
Remote fluid shutoff and opening of industrial machinery and plant facilities
Remote blocking and opening of other pipe lines, etc.
  In case of power outage or electric actuator failure
In case of blackout or malfunctions, shit to manual mode. As shown in the left figure, while pressing the manual button turn the handle inthe desirable direction. After that, release the manual button.
The figure on the left shows the state of the valve according to the handle direction.

  Motor Operator Ball Valve(=MOBV) [Electric Actuator + Ball Valve] Names of parts and fastening method
How to fasten
Connect the ball valve to the pipe to be mounted. At this time, adjust the direction of the part where the electric actuator will be assembled to the desired position.
Use plate head bolts to fasten the plate to the connection of the ball valve.
Slide the valve in the direction in which the central axes of the actuator are engaged, then align the actuator with the ball valve.
Use a round head bolt and spring washer to tighten the straightened electric actuator and ball valve.

  Auto/manual MOBV installation