Valve technology

In the case of common ball valves, it is inconvenient to replace the entire ball valve if the rubber ring fastened to the stem wears to cause leakage.
VALCON valve is designed to remove the stem from the outside after removing the stem fixing bolt, so it can be used continuously by replacing the stem.

  Ball Valve Construction
  'STEM' Replacement method
  Things to keep in mind
After disassembling the electric actuator, loosen the fixing screw (plate head) of the plate (bracket) attached to the valve
     and turn it counterclockwise as shown in the figure to remove the 'STEM' anchor bolt.
Must remove the 'STEM' carefully using the proper tools, such as long-nose.
While turning the 'STEM' little by little in the left and right direction, push the key part of the 'STEM' completely into the
     groove of the ball.
After working as shown in the figure and fixing the plate fixing screw and the electric actuator, be sure to run the test to
     check for any abnormality.
  'VALCON' ball valve is developed for electric actuator to operate with minimum rotational force during
     operation, so ball valve is stable.
  Ball valve dimensions
  Ball valve Standard and Specifications
Model VA15A-1N VA15A-2N VA20A-1N VA25A-1N VA15A-3L VA32A-1N VA40A-1N VA50A-1N VA15A-2S VA20A-2S VA25A-2S
Diameter 15mm 15mm 20mm 25mm 15mm 32mm 40mm 50mm 15mm 20mm 25mm
Ball bore 10mm 10mm 15mm 20mm 10mm 25mm 32mm 40mm 10mm 15mm 20mm
Weight 265g 260g 293g 471g 302g 945g 1,200g 1,700g 225g 270g 440g
Operating Temperature 0℃ ~ 90℃ [32°F ~ 194°F]
♨Please contact us when using high temperature
0℃ ~ 120℃ [32°F ~ 248°F] 0℃ ~ 120℃ [32°F ~ 248°F]
Suitable Actuators AT Series, A2 Series, AD-S Series, AC220-50S However, VA15A-3L is modified separately and "L" is added.
Ex) AT12-2TL, AD24-3TSL, AC220-50SL
AD Series, AC220-50 AT Series, A2 Series, AD-S Series, AC220-50S
Body O-ring NBR FKM FKM
Stem O-ring NBR FKM FKM
Ball C3604BD (Chromium-plated) SUS SUS304, SUS316
material Brass Stainless steel
Body C3771BE (Nickel-plated) SCS13A, SCS14A
Cap C3771BE (Nickel-plated) SCS13A, SCS14A
Stem C3771BE (Nickel-plated) SUS304, SUS316
StemAnchorbolt C3771BE (Nickel-plated) SUS304, SUS316
Ball Seat PTFE
StemAsher(Upper) PTFE
StemAsher(Lower) PTFE
Allowable Pressure 10kgf/㎠ [142PSI]
Permtted Fluid Non-corrosive liquids and gases