Automatic heating

'VALCON Auto Heating System' is a system that can automatically heat according to the heating condition of each room. It is applicable not only for district heating but also for single boiler use. The valve is opened only in the room where the heating is needed, and the heating water is supplied. When the heating of all the rooms is not necessary, all the valves are automatically closed and the boiler automatically stops the operation.

  Motor operator ball valve(=MOBV) can be used for fluid control in various applications.

It can be applied to apartments, villas, houses, studio rooms, motels, dormitories, etc. It is convenient to save heating cost by controlling valves according to temperature and time of each room.
In addition, it is more convenient because it can control heating by internet and telephone in conjunction with home network.

  Apartments, Villa, House

You can control the heating of all rooms through the main temperature controller in the main room or in the living room, also be the heating in each room can a single temperature controller installed in each room
When the heating mode is required by using the temperature mode or the time mode, the motor operator ball valve is automatically opened and the boiler is started. If heating is unnecessary, the boiler will be shut down automatically when the electric ball valve is closed.

  Apartments, Villa, House application example

  Studio, Motel, Dormitory, Hospital, Pension

If the guest enters the information room or front desk or expects guests to check in, turn on the heating button for each room of the separately installed main temperature controller to open the heating room and supply the heating water. At this time, heating effect can be obtained.
After a certain period of time, the motorized ball valve is opened by the set temperature or time and the motorized ball valve is closed when the set value is finished or the heating button is turned off.
Therefore, to save heating energy, simply turn on the heating button on the main thermostat of the information room if heating is absolutely necessary. If not, turn it off.

  Pension plan exemplification [single-pipe line controlment]