Industry Automation
Product of 'VALCON Co. Ltd' is Construction facilities, semiconductor facilities, plants, environment, shipbuilding, agricultural and living facilities, medical facilities, power plant facilities, etc. Applies to all industrial sectors.

Hot water heating facilities, Expansion water separator, Freezing facilities, Water supply facilities, Fire-fighting facilities

Toxic gas emit systems, Vacuum piping equipment

Automatic oil filter, Oil charger, Gas recovery machine, Air-cooled / Water-cooled argon welder

Road / Car snow removal facilities, Multipurpose equipment facilities

BWMS (Ballast Water Management System), Sewage treatment device

Housekeeping biological & temperature control facilities, Livestock feces and composting facilities

Micro-cell culture medium, Plasma sterilizer, Ultrasonic cleaner, Herb-medicine extractor

Plant facilities, Waste oil recovery machine, Oil lorry for vehicles